Clermont Road – Bishop Charles Inglis Well

I love this photo – there is some mood to it. The enormous oak in the background was very possibly planted by Bishop Charles Inglis, the first Anglican Bishop in Canada (indeed in the colonies). Hi estate on Clermont Road (surprisingly called Clermont) was Inglis’ home for many years.

In the foreground is a reconstructed well, with a plaque commemorating the Bishop and the homestead site. A friend and I often wondered why the homestead well would be so close to the road and we pondered if perhaps this was a later construction.

It seems, though, that the Bishop did much to have a settlement placed along Clermont Road, though this settlement is long gone. In retrospect, if Inglis was the ‘land lord’ of the settlement, who is to say that this wasn’t a public well at the corner of his property. Speculation? Yes – but it seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

Update – Apr 2018. The oak and the well are both still there, but are showing their age! The well, now over 60 years old, is falling apart. Some of the major limbs on the oak have fallen.

Bishop Inglis’ Well and Old Oak

2 thoughts on “Clermont Road – Bishop Charles Inglis Well

  1. Inglis lived 1 mile west of the church in Auburn.. that would put his house right by the old Acadian grave yard from what I can tell

    1. Hi Tyler – can I ask what you know about the Old Acadian Graveyard?

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