Second World War Oxygen Tank – Greenwood NS

This has been an incredibly dry summer in the Annapolis Valley. Russ Keddy and I were exploring a small brook for second world war debris outside 14 Wing Greenwood. We know that there were many accidents around the base, and that you never know when you might come across items.

Neither of us remember seeing Zeke’s Brook (which flows into the Annapolis River) being as low as it is this year. So low, that you can easily walk across it with a pair of boots on.

Surprisingly, we saw what seemed to be a boulder on a small sand bar next to the depleted brook. Based on an oxygen tank that we had found at another crash site, this seemed to match the size and shape.

The next day, I took a chance and tried to get to the bank of the brook via a Google map guesstimate of the location of the tank. Amazingly, I was able to walk across the bog and and flood flats of the brook without sinking to my knees in rancid mud. I did this during a lunch break with my flight suit on – would have been interesting explaining that to the  boss (and my wife…)

Lo and behold, an oxygen tank it was. To try to actually pinpoint the tank to any individual airframe would be impossible. I have no record of an individual crash at the site we discovered.

After finding the tank again, I found it was full of water. So…the tank didn’t float downstream, and must have been there for the last 70 years. This is a mystery into itself.

Another artifact for the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum.


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