Benedict Arnold – Interesting Historical Read

Just working my way through a study of Benedict Arnold.

Written from an American viewpoint, it is actually a fascinating read about what this man was about. I never realized Arnold’s fascination with the capture of Quebec and how the rebel commanders looked upon his abilities.

As a Canadian, we always think of the Revolutionary War as a cohesive effort against the perceived tyranny of George III. It is an eye-opener about what a disparate organization existed in the 1775 time period when considering the states and military structures. What a commander Washington must have been to coalesce individual ideals into a cause (though even he was blind to Arnold’s issues.)

The visceral hatred for Arnold and what he did is sobering, but I don’t understand it. I understand the concept of treachery and betrayal, but cannot fathom the hatred aimed at characters like Fawkes and Arnold.

I don’t believe we (Canadians) have anyone in our history that elicits such hatred. Interesting question. Perhaps in the past people felt this way about Riel? Possibly.  Judas? Let’s not go there.  Joe Howe? Lots of my Bluenose friends would say yes.

Interesting book, this Benedict Arnold biography. I wonder how it will end?


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