Pearl Harbor – CPO Bungalows

The CPO shacks were quite a shock.

During the previous visit to Missouri, I noted the old memorial on the shoreline near the Missouri’s dock. While walking around the shoreline, it is easy to wonder at the sad and dilapidated condition of the war era buildings still standing. Paint is falling off the rotting walls, windows are broken and there are holes in the roofs.

Reading and researching further on this, it seems that the buildings are indeed war era, and stood so near the conflagration that took place. There are horror stories of what happened along that shore line, sickening tales of savaged sailors who were mortally wounded – climbing ashore through the Arizona’s blazing oil, only to die in the yards of the military residences. I wish I can remember where I read that some of the dying men pulled clothes off of clothes lines to cover themselves. Are these the clothes lines that still stand in the yards of sad, decaying residences? Possibly…

Surely this story needs to be remembered, and these residences saved. I hope there is still time.


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