Kentville Falls

I know that there really aren’t too many people (hah!) that actually read this, but a question anyways – where the heck are Kentville Falls?

I have just finish Joe Howe’s Western Rambles (1828) – a fascinating narrative, written by a man who would one day become known as one of the, if not the, most important Nova Scotians in our history.

Rambles is a fair title; he does ramble a lot in the document – in his writing and his travels. Still, between his minor rants (including the laziness of King’s County farmers…), there are fascinating snippets of what travel was like almost 200 years ago. The portion from Windsor to Annapolis Royal (my home turf) is a bit thin on actual descriptive narration, but I guess there really wasn’t much to see on the Old Post Road (which followed roughly the same route as the #1 Highway along many portions of the road).

When in the lovely community of Kentville, Howe wrote of a trip to ‘Kentville Falls’ about 3 miles from Kentville Town. A search of the great reference document called ‘Google’ shows no reference to ‘Kentville Falls’. What are these falls called today? Is it possible the grandeur of the waterway was destroyed with the advent of the 101 Highway?




5 thoughts on “Kentville Falls

  1. Caerlynn Nash June 5, 2013 — 8:52 pm

    Do you suppose he was talking about this place:, now called Moores Falls near Highway 101 and Highway 12?

    1. The Moore Falls I know is very high and narrow . See my posting March 31, 2015

  2. No doubt in my mind that Howe was referring to the falls on Moore’s Brook. Moores Falls are near Exit 13 on the 101. Just east of this exit you climb a grade, at the top of this grade Moores Brook crosses the 101. Travelling east as you climb the grade you will notice a field on your left. Next there is a small piece of pasture with bushes. I f you walk through that N/eastward you will be able to look down into the gorge* that has the falls. Once you have found the falls you can planhow to get onto the Prospect Road and walk up the brook to view the falls from the bottom. This is a tiny brook so it is good to view it when the water is high not in the dry summertime.
    *This is a dangerous place as there is no guard rail–Children would have to be supervised

    1. Hi – thank you very much for the comment. I will definitely have to go check it out!

      1. You sound like a very interesting individual. I know where a mosquito crashed in South Waterville. Have permission to mark site. Also am interested in roads and communication.
        I am 86 years young. Could you (and Russ)* meet me at the GMAM so we could exchange some information. I do not drive but could come down on the bus or my wife could drive me. I belong to the Kings Historical Soc. ; The Burial Grounds Care Soc.; & The Northville Farm Heritage Centre: My bucket list is too long to list here but would like to get in contact in the next week or so. Do not expect to be around 20 years from now, Richard Skinner See Kentville Phone directory

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