Meeting Cluny Maher

Every once in a while, you have something happen that is totally unexpected and a great lift.

While visiting a friend in Tupperville, we stopped at the local art show. I noticed several Cluny Maher paintings at the exhibit. This seemed a bit odd, since the quality of his work far eclipsed most of the items being shown. When I made a comment about the paintings being displayed to the vendor, she spoke of him as if he was in the building.

Which he was.

I have admired Mr Maher’s paintings for many years – his work is amazing.

I don’t normally gush like a fan-boy, but meeting this remarkable artist was a highlight. My wife said I was grinning like a school kid (I guess I was). He is an affable, well spoke and very modest gentleman, I guess kind of the way I expected him to be. He matches the mood of his painted works.


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