Fort Vieux Logis – Where Is It?

After Halifax was populated by Cornwallis in 1749, direction was given to secure Acadian sites in the country.

Several fort names are mentioned in a variety of sources, I have always been interested in where these protective sites  were located prior to and following the Grand Derangement. Of course, in my neck of the woods, the best known defensive site is the blockhouse located at Fort Edward. This site, built in 1750, seems to be the last surviving Blockhouse in Nova Scotia. I recall seeing another Blockhouse in St Andrews, just up the Bay of Fundy, but in New Brunswick (which used to be Nova Scotia…)

It seems that Vieux Logis (Old House in French) was located at an Acadian village alongside the Gaspereau River near Horton Landing. There is some question of whether or not the Fort was located on the other side of the river. The Deportation Cross has been moved to this location, the now believed location of this foul act in 1755.

Early Vieux Logis seems to have been a palisade enclosure between three old Arcadian buildings. Later, a Blockhouse was disassembled at Annapolis Royal and moved to the Vieux Logis site.

Vieux Logis was manned by English troops from 1749 to 1754. There were military actions that occurred during “Le Loutre’s War”, with raids, and Cornwallis, while Colonel of the 40th Regiment of Foot executed 5 of 6 deserters from the Fort (even leaving three bodies to hang in chains). This is history is of a second hand nature.

This little known outpost. The violence contained within its environs, has pretty much been forgotten in the local area.

Where is it?


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