Skeleton I


HPIM3215the carcass of a post and beam home that once stood near Greenwood, NS

The old vernacular style (half-Cape) was west of Baker Corner on the north side of the 201 Highway. The home was in Kingston Village (now Greenwood) in the central part of the Annapolis Valley. Guessing from the debris in the yard when the house was still standing, I would say that the person was a blacksmith.

This post and beam member, I believe, is still sitting in the tall grass about six years after the building’s demolition. A very old barn stands in behind.

When I was looking at the beam, a very aggressive home owner from the next door property screeched to a halt behind by car. He looked me up and down, I explained who I was and that I was a historical researcher. Completely uninterested, he informed me that he would not be able to control his dog “who didn’t like strangers”. I guess this was a warning, as after he left, he pulled in to his driveway, and I decided to beat a hasty retreat…


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